Traveler released

HCL hat am 20.09.19 das Fixpack 2 für den Traveler 10.0.1 zum download bereitgestellt. Aus meiner Sicht gibt es zwei wesentliche Punkte zu diesem Release.

  1. Aktualisiertes APNS Zertifikat für iOS (MDM Funktionen im Traveler)
  2. Neues Datenbank Schema

Dazu eine Bemerkung von HCL:

Hinweis für Kunden, die ihr Datenbankschema verwalten: IBM Traveler enthält ein Update des Datenbankschemas. Wenn Sie automatische Schema-Updates verwenden (Standardverhalten), ist keine Aktion erforderlich. Wenn Sie Ihr Datenbankschema manuell verwalten kann es sein, dass beim Upgrade von einem früheren Release Maßnahmen erforderlich sind. Siehe Aktualisierung der Unternehmensdatenbank für vollständigere Schritte.

Anbei wie üblich ein Auszug aus dem KB Artikel von HCL mit den beinhalteten Fixes.

New Features

  • Updated APNS p12 certificates to replace the files shipped with IBM Traveler 10.0.0 (expire on October 14, 2019). These new certificates expire on June 07, 2020.



If a Mail-In Database name has a slash in it, the name returned from the lookup includes CN=, OU=, O=, etc.. Trim these identifiers before returning the lookup result to the client for a more human friendly display.


If a Group name has a slash in it, the name returned from the lookup includes CN=, OU=, O=, etc.. Trim these identifiers before returning the lookup result to the client for a more human friendly display.


Update device security record modification time when device approval action is executed so that the security record is returned by API searches for recently changed security records


Unable to open email attachments in Apple mail client or Verse mobile client for certain type of attachments (example, xlsx file types)


Timing gap between stale connection cleanup and connection registration can cause „Traveler did not respond“ errors in the console. The gap is small such that this error is rare, so most „Traveler did not respond“ errors are caused by some other reason.


Traveler hang due to MISC threads all being orphaned when S/MIME is enabled for large non-S/MIME messages.


Red status due to User null on thread Alarm-XXXX has been running for XX minutes


EMails restored from archive via iNotes do not sync to device


Improve banned document handling for calendar events


Improve mail streaming performance when MIME-version header missing


Add configuration option, NTS_CALENDAR_INITIAL_GHOST_NOTES_ICS, to prevent ghosting and avoid replication issues for notices created by opening .ics email attachments.


Windows 10.x installer doesn’t remove uninstall entry for 9.x or earlier


Attachments are stripped from plain text mails sent from IMSMO clients


Content Adapter Exception processing Event with Body of type=Text


A draft mail created on Verse iOS defaults to $KeepPrivate=1 when synchronized with the user’s mail file


Allow login name checks to be case insensitive so that user renames that only change the case of some letters also work properly.


Prevent objects over MaxObjSize from syncing on every subsequent sync until deleted, moved to a non-syncing folder or filtered out


tell traveler version reports „running on a VM“ when running on real hardware


Improve error handling when schema level is unknown


Performance: avoid reading attachments multiple times during MIME message processing


DB Schema change: Increase the width of the Traveler database’s Exchange ActiveSync version column used to store the protocol version when the device is not security compliant


Update APNS p12 files that expire in October 2019


Pushstatus APIs added in V10.0 are now reported in the output from api/traveler

Last but not least der Link zum vollständigen Artikel:

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